Addendum to my review of Animoto


In my review of Animoto’s value as an educational tool, I wrote

“What are the disadvantages of using this tool in a teaching environment?

No easy path to add a voice overlay. There is very little place for content. Two thumbs down as a teaching tool- until someone can show me”

Perhaps someone has! (July 21, 2010). Professor Bernard Robin sent me this link to Wesley Fryer’s  blog review, more favorable than mine: .

Checking back with I discovered this animoto from  This video reports on the End of Year Science Project  at Westlake High School.  Teacher Norman Morgan is quoted:

“Making science music videos about a scientist or science topic using Animoto, my students will present their research to the rest of the class.”

His robotics class used Powerpoint, Animoto with sound via Audacity to display their end of the year assignment.

The examples still seem to be in the nature of slide-shows. Producing an Animoto in this way would be exciting for students for whom just learning to integrate the technology is an important learning experience.  Animoto’s auto-formatting however makes it a bit like learning to ride a bike having someone hold it up for you- not bad for beginners.

No doubt that as a exercise in integrating the concepts of a project, focusing on the key elements so they can show up in a 30″ spot- basically what goes into an abstract or commercial- that’s an added benefit. I teach grant writing- and it is important to get the key ideas into the abstract. Perhaps I could use Animoto to help students reconceptualize how to write their abstracts! Hmm…

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