Cool sites – but what do they do? Screenvader

while searching for uses of I found a mention of  screenvader at  Screenvader: what does it do?

I quote directly from a review by Benyamin

Screenvader” employs a flash animation technique that my former partner and collaborator Perre Dicarlo ( , click on “websites” ) calls “interface coupling.” Use the term to describe graphic interface devices in which the mouse simultaneously determines more than one aspect (usually two) of the interface display…such as the coupling of “mouse pointer location” with “icon magnification” in the application dock on OS X. But it can be more creative than that: in the case of screenvader, the mouse moves both an elegant pointer icon AND (in an opposing motion algorithm) the grounding images over which the pointer moves. The second aspect is also interestingly three-dimensional, observe its more radical (yet still continuous and logical) behavior when you move the pointer to the extremes of the screen space, even off the window.

Note the “panopticon” image at the lower right of the gallery, which might serve as reminder of Foucault’s thoughts on vision and surveillance. There’s also great music/screen interaction in the “media et algorithmes” region of the site.

Screenvader is a creation of French artist Stephane Bourez.

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