IGRa: Introduction to Graduate Research (reading and parsing science)

BCM Term I     IGRa Reading and Parsing Science      Wed 11-12 a.m. Room N901

In this segment of IGR we will learn tools for handling the scientific literature: searching, recording, annotating, reading , interpreting ,critiquing and presenting.   We will analyze one paper in some detail,  Alves-Filho et al. (2010) “Interleukin-33 attenuates sepsis by enhancing neutrophil influx to the site of infection. Nature Medicine 16: 708.

1. Aug 4 Outline of course.  Problem identification. HW: access Pubmed, Endnote,CiteLike, google docs; post 5 citations from Pubmed to CiteUlike; create EndNote .enl file; read OPTEMA chapter (2.2) and send in a 7-bullet OPTEMA analysis of research rotation.

2. Aug 11. OPTEMASM and Reading Strategies; Operations

3. Aug 18  The Typology of Scientific Sentences; students present OPTEMA analyses of figures

4. Aug 25 The One Figure Journal Club;  Instructor presentation  Differentiating Hypotheses and Predictions: students present analyses of text associated with figures

5. Sep 1 (T) Typology of citations      students present analyses of hypotheses

6. Sept 8 .  1 Fig JC   students present analyses of citations

7. Sept 15  1 Fig student presentations (2 presentations)

8 Sept 22  1 Fig JC Student presentations (1 presentations)

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