Immunology is non-linear/Immunology from the bedrock/

A draft prezi on building a course in immunology that builds on prior knowledge. I think we also need to consider efficiency, efficacy and motivation. Highly motivated students might learn more effectively under a ‘logical’ or linear mode; less motivated or highly burdened students might benefit more from a non-linear, prior-knowledge approach. Finally, learning styles might also make a difference. Global learners for example might benefit better from a “bottom-up” or logical/linear mode of teaching, while concrete learners might learn better using a “top-down” approach based on prior knowledge. Then again we might see the former as theory based, the second as problem-oriented.
So, crudely, perhaps:
linear non-linear
bottom-up top-down
logical prior knowledge
global concrete
theory-based problem-based

.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }

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