You can recover flash (Youtube, animoto, etc) files you’ve played in Firefox by finding them in the cache.(In fact, almost any file that is displayed by Firefox can be recovered from your cache). It’s not too hard:

  1. Clear the cache
  2. play the flash file
  3. Find out where your cache is.
  4. Find the file in the cache
  5. Add the proper extension, rename it and move it to where  you want.

First, clear the cache under Tools/Clear Recent History .  Click on “Cache” and clear it.  You do this because usually your cache is so full of junk that you’ll have trouble finding what you want.

Second,  play your flash file.  This will place a new copy of the flash video in your cache.

Third, find the cache. You do this by typing “about:cache” in the URL window of Firefox:

Copy and paste the path to the disk cache device into Explorer (not Internet Explorer!).

Now you need to find the flash video file.  Note that all the entries in your cache end with “d01” and have no extensions.  You’ll recognize the file you want because it will be “large” and recent.

Rename it to add a “.flv” extension (see image on right).

(Note that things will go easier if you have set your folder display to show all extensions).

Your system should recognize it it has a flv player registered.  In my case, I have VLC player registered to play flv, so the icon for VLC shows up.  Double-click to see if it plays the correct thing.  If not, then carefully rename it back to what it was and try a different file.

If it is the correct one, then name it whatever you want and move it to a desired directory.

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