How to convert Voki to Youtube for Prezi

It turned out this was a bit harder than I thought it would be. The Voki product doesn’t seem to be flash, or at least there was no trace of a flash file in the Firefox cache.

Video capture

I used Jing for a video capture of the Voki video, but this created an swf file which I wasn’t able to convert into anything usable.  This was surprising, because I could play the swf file using Firefox, but there still wasn’t anything in the cache.    I then tried Screenr and this generated a local flv file, which I was able to use.

I converted the flv file to wmv using VLC but the quality was poor; especially the first part of video was garbaged. I then tried converting using  Lumixsoft FLV to WMV converter  This gave a much higher quality conversion.  The wmv file was uploaded into Windows Movie Maker.

Audio capture

Neither Jing nor Screenr picked up the audio.  I was able to capture this using NCH’ Soundtap Streaming Audio Recorder.  This generated a wav file that I could  uploaded into Windows Movie Maker.  The sound was synchronized with the video manually and the product saved as a wmv file, then uploaded to Youtube, then the embed code was pasted here via Vodpod:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

fiona4b, posted with vodpod

There appears to be some loss of both video and audio quality through these manipulations.

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