Immunology is non-linear/Immunology from the bedrock/

A draft prezi on building a course in immunology that builds on prior knowledge. I think we also need to consider efficiency, efficacy and motivation. Highly motivated students might learn more effectively under a ‘logical’ or linear mode; less motivated or highly burdened students might benefit more from a non-linear, prior-knowledge approach. Finally, learning styles might also make a difference. Global learners for example might benefit better from a “bottom-up” or logical/linear mode of teaching, while concrete learners might learn better using a “top-down” approach based on prior knowledge. Then again we might see the former as theory based, the second as problem-oriented.
So, crudely, perhaps:
linear non-linear
bottom-up top-down
logical prior knowledge
global concrete
theory-based problem-based

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Math is non-linear

Here’s an argument that Math need/should not be taught in a (logically) linear fashion, either: a prezi by Allison Blank:

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Use of VoiceThread

CUIN Module 4

We consider briefly three theoretical frameworks: Knowle’s theory of adragogy, constructivism, and  Wedmeyer’s Theory of Independent Study

My collaborators for this voicethread production were the very cool Emily Vinas and Joyee Vachani.  We used Tokbox to provide audio/video and IM commmunication while we collaborated using Google Docs to produce the initial presentation used as input for VoiceThread. At times it seemed we were in a Rod Serling production, but that was when my mike was generate too much feedback.

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